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Floating in Samadhi tank

60 min – 65,00€ / 90 min – 90,00€ / 120 min – 110,00€
Abos: 6x60 min – 325€ / 13x60 min – 650€

Unique in Nuremberg

Floating on warm saltwater brine is a special relaxation method that is used alone – but also in combination with other relaxation techniques – in the health and wellness sector. Floats are usually offered in open salt water pools or in closed floating tanks.

Since about 85% of our brain activity is triggered by environmental stimuli, partial suppression of these stimuli can lead to the calming of excess activity of the vegetative nervous system. The saltwater tank in our institute is unique in that it is equipped with a device that makes it possible to reduce disturbing environmental stimuli such as light and external noise to a minimum. For example, we are the only supplier in the region that can float with a closed tank.

If desired, our guests can enjoy the treatment in complete silence and darkness. We also offer our guests relaxing music and a beautiful light, so that they can decide which colour spectrum they want to immerse themselves in depending on their current condition. For all those who are uncomfortable with the idea of a closed room: Floating is possible with an open tank!
For the production of the salt brine we use natural high-quality magnesium sulphate, which has a particularly pleasant and velvety effect on the skin. The water temperature in the floating tank is approx. 35.5 °C, which corresponds approximately to the outside temperature of the skin. The water depth of 25 cm makes it possible to stand up without much effort.


Due to the water temperature and the few external stimuli, the feeling for one’s own body boundary can decrease or even disappear. Feelings of weightlessness and deep relaxation occur, which is rarely possible in an everyday environment. So it is not surprising that due to these sensations numerous positive effects of floating can be felt.
In addition to mental relaxation, increased ability to concentrate and general stress reduction, regular floating can bring about significant pain relief in certain illnesses (e.g. migraine). The joints, muscles and spine are relieved and tense muscles relaxed. Overall, the so-called parasympathetic response slows down the heartbeat and reduces oxygen consumption. The blood vessels dilate, leading to a reduction in blood pressure. In the long run, the body produces fewer stress hormones (such as cortisol or adrenaline). In addition, the high salt content in the salt water brine can reduce both some rheumatic complaints and the effects of atopic eczema (e.g. neurodermatitis).

Our Recommendations

In our institute you can easily combine several relaxation applications with each other.

After the floatation, you can achieve extensive mental relaxation by means of a deep relaxation induction, which we offer in-house. A beautiful massage of your choice in connection with floating especially promotes the relaxation of the musculature. Or you take advantage of the whole offer: floating, massage and relaxation induction. You have the choice!



Although floating has a very health-promoting effect, there are a few diseases for which this relaxation method is contraindicated. Please contact us to make an appointment. You should not float with: Common cold with coughing irritation, acute herniated disc, untreated epilepsy, menstruation, diarrhoea, acute mental illness.